About API


Vision provides the ability to automate your workflow both in the application and directly in the running browser profile.

This means that you can not only create, delete and edit profiles/folders/proxies using your favorite programming language, but also start/stop profiles and automate work in them using additional libraries, e.g. Puppeteer (opens in a new tab), Playwright (opens in a new tab), Selenium (opens in a new tab) and others.

Automation in the application

Automation of actions inside Vision application (creation, deletion, editing of profiles, folders, etc.) is performed using HTTP requests (POST, GET, PATCH, DELETE) sent to API URL. Authorization is performed by means of a special token - X-Token

There is a X-Team-Token to authorize requests in teamwork mode

Automation in a browser profile

You can only automate work in a browser profile using third-party libraries by connecting to the running profile via DevTools Protocol.