About folders

Why Folders?

In Vision, folders are used for organizing profiles. This allows addressing the needs of various cases simultaneously, such as:

  1. You are dealing with different traffic sources, and you need to separate profiles for FB and Google Ads.
  2. You have multiple types of accounts: auto-reg, farms, manual farms, etc., and you want to differentiate their operations.
  3. You simply find it convenient to sort accounts based on specific criteria not mentioned above.

Getting Started

Profiles in Vision cannot be created outside a folder. To create the first profile, you need to create a folder first.

It's important to understand that each folder is isolated from any other and has its own identifier, in addition to its name. Profiles, proxies, bookmarks, start pages, and extensions added to the current folder do not duplicate in any way to other folders.

Folders Sidebar

In the screenshot above, the sidebar outlined in green contains all the active folders you have created. Deleted folders do not appear in this sidebar.

Buttons for navigating to the trash bin and the accepted profiles folder are outlined in purple. The trash bin serves as a temporary storage for deleted folders and profiles, while the accepted profiles folder contains profiles transferred to you by your colleagues or other users.