About teamwork

General information

In Vision there is an opportunity to create teams for more convenient organization of work, and the application itself includes the ability to switch between personal and team modes.

Switching between modes

You don't need to create a second account to work in a team, you can switch between personal and team modes right in the app in 2 clicks.

To switch to team mode, open the main sidebar and in the block which is highlighted in green, select the team you want to switch to. The interfaces of the team mode and personal mode are completely identical.

About team limits

The number of teams a user can create is unlimited, as well as the number of teams in which a user can be a member. In simple words - there can be as many teams as you like, there are no limitations.

About limits on profiles and additional users

Limits on profiles and additional users are allocated based on the rate you have paid.

For example: you have a plan for 150 profiles and 5 additional users.

This means that you can create any number of teams and invite as many members to them as will not exceed the number of your additional users.

Profiles will also be allocated to all teams you create, i.e. the total number of profiles in your personal account and teams should not exceed 150..

If you are a regular participant and not a team owner, your limits do not overlap in any way with the limits of the teams in which you are a participant.